Amazon seller central is entirely different from that of Vendor Central! Know how?

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Amazon seller central is actually a great opportunity for all kind of people those who wishes to sell any kind of products online. In fact, any of the person could begin their business, even by selling books out there. Amazon seller central is basically a platform which allows every new merchant to start selling their products successfully online. On the other hand, there is a Vendor seller central, which allows any of the merchant to be able to contact to the Amazon so that they could send directly to them online.

In other words, vendor seller central is a special kind of service offered by amazon seller central, which is just an “Invite only”.  Once you become its part successfully, you can easily sold any of your product from In this system, you are selling it directly to the Amazon in bulk and have zero control over the price. That means, you don’t have to purchase in bulk to sell it on Amazon. 

While in amazon seller central  anyone could sell over there with a quick payment feature.this means, if you are a part of amazon seller central, you have full control over the inventory along with the price as well as inventory shipping.

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