Online Bill Payments vs Physical Bill Payments - Which one is Better?


Online Bill Payments vs Physical Bill Payments -  Which one is Better?

From the past few years, technology has made our life better. Online bill pay can truly make your life simpler.  Now you don’t need to stand in long ques to book your tickets or don’t need to pay extra to the agents to get your things done. Over the years, online payment has become more convenient and has become increasingly popular around the world. But still many people consider physical bill payments as their convenience because they surely don’t know the importance and benefits of online bill payments. In today’s blog, we are going to share you with the benefits and information related to online bill payment which can help you with the importance of physical bill payment.

Benefits of Online Bill Payment

  • Paying Bill Online is Convenient - Making online bill payment from your home anywhere makes it convenient to make bill payment from a central location. With online bill payment services, you can pay all your bills like electricity, mobile, DTH, data card, Landline, gas, etc. in one place. 

  • Paying Bill Online is Secure - Most people don’t think that paying bills online is secure, but it is the most secure way to pay your bill directly to the business from you are taking services. With online bill payment, you don’t have to pay extra to the agents who take a commission or middle money to pay for your services. The companies use username, passwords, security layers that help in preventing outsiders from attacking, encryption process that keeps your data hidden during electronic transit, and also help you with the automatic sign off. 

  • Bill pay Simplifies Money management - When you make the payment electronic way, then you can keep track of your money. With online payment, you can check which platform is providing the discount so you need to pay less for your bill. You can also search for a specific payment that you made online, accessing online payment history, setting up emails that can help you with the schedule payments. 

  • Online Payment is the Most Effective way of Payment - With the online payment, you don’t have to keep cash with your which eliminates the possibility of theft or losing your money. This will allow you to eliminate to go outside without any money in your hand as you have your phone to make the online payment. 

  • Automatic Bill Payment - With the automatic online payment your bill will be paid automatically & you need to worry about paying it. Earlier you need to pay late fees if you have missed the last date of paying the bill but now with an online automated payment you can pay your bill from anywhere without the hassle of standing in the line and wait for your turn. 

Mobile Bill Payment

Mobile is the most basic need of every person and with online bill payment, the mobile recharge is a few clicks away. Nowadays recharge can end at any time of the day and with online bill payment of recharge can make the mobile services work at the same time. You have 24-hour access to them so you can easily get the services &  make the payment. You’ll find the ‘personalized support if you face any obstacle while making the payment. With the high security at the moment while you are making transactions makes them best to recharge for your bill without moving out of your space. 

You will also have the benefit of getting free coupons and cashback which you can easily redeem which will surely lower your bill while making the payment. You can also get the benefit of special schemes from time to time.

Benefits of Recharging your phone online

1. Easiest & fastest way to pay for your mobile recharge &  to get the services.

2. You can check your previous bills as they are stored in the account on the platform which you are using. 

3. Since you are paying your bills online you don’t need to keep recharge coupons along with you. 

Online DTH Recharge

Direct Home Services has transformed the television experience of the viewers. DTH recharges has been seen growing in demand as there are now very few local cable network provider companies all across India. With the recharging online services now people are able to recharge at any time of the day & can have the benefit of the services at any time of the day. 

Benefits of DTH recharge online

1. You just have to make an online account to make the payment without going anywhere from your home. 

2. You can pay the bill instantly, for instance, you need to recharge at night but you won’t find anyone at that time for the payment. But with the online payment, you can easily make the payment.

3. If your payment is not successful at that time then you have the 24 hours customer care support available, in case you need help. 

Electricity bill Payment

Whenever we hear about the electricity bill payment then we can imagine long ques for paying for it. But now with the online portal, you can pay your electricity bill with a few clicks. These portals and platforms are available 24x7, you can make the payment anytime, trustworthy which returns the money if there are any failed transactions, free coupons, and the discounts time and time. 

Benefits of paying Electricity bill online

1. Can pay your bills online anytime and check your bills online.

2. It saves paper cost, all data are stored electronically, so you can check the information anytime from anywhere. 

Gas Bill Payment

Gas Bills for gas connections were very complicated to pay. One needs to stand in a never-ending queue to wait for the turn. People used to spend lots of time in the process of bill payments and also it comprises tons of complications like billing paper, stamps, and a trip to the location of a service provider. But on a positive note, after the invention of online bill payment portals, the job of paying bills has become preferable. 

Benefits of  Gas Bill Payment Online

1. It provides you with the easiest and fastest way to pay your gas bills from anywhere at any time.

2. Once you have paid all your bills, you can check your previous bills as they are stored on your email id. 

3. It saves paper costs. All data are stored electronically, you can use them from anywhere at any time. 

4. Since you can pay your bills online, no need to carry paper based recharge coupons along with you.

Here are the few reasons why the payment of the bill online is a great idea. If you are interested in simplifying the financial stability of your business then you need to start making payment online. 

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