Tips for teaching English to French speakers


Tips for teaching English to French speakers

If you are thinking of teaching English to French speakers, here are some tips to help you out.  Despite the great similarities between the English and French, it is difficult for many French speakers to speak English properly. However, the following tips will help you -

  • Focus on the similarities between the English and French

From a linguistic perspective, languages are closely related. For instance, both languages follows the same pattern that is subject-verb-object. Both belong to the same family of Romance languages which means they have many similarities between them.

  • Help them develop targeted vocabulary books

Make sure the students write the learned words along with its sample sentence so that they can understand the usage of words and ensure that they use them as often as possible.

Also, ensure that three to four pages in their targeted book are set aside for the words that similar in both the languages.

  • Encourage the French speaker to listen

Listening English words will help in improving the pronunciation and also they will be able to understand that in which context the word is used. Make sure the french students have lots of listening exercises to get a command over English pronunciation.

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