Top 4 German to English dictionaries available on The Web


Top 4 German to English dictionaries available on The Web

There are plenty of German-to-English dictionaries available on Internet but not all are good. So here is the list of best German to English dictionaries that will help you the most than the rest present out there.


Linguee is the amazing German-to-English dictionary for the new learners. It provides the real life example of words in their right context and also all the possible translations of the word and its German gender. It also has its app for both Android and iPhone users.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a far from perfect and serves as a great online translation dictionary, software or app.  It’s a great app for the language learners. The app enables you to write the word or even speak it out aloud and provides the translation instantly.

For those who are looking for simple and reliable tool Dict. Cc is another good option that also allows you to use it even without Internet connection.  The popularity of Dict. cc is growing rapidly.

It is the popular tool in Germany to translate English words. It also has forum where highly knowledgeable people helps you translate the idioms or sentences you are facing problem in. on this site, you can also check your pronunciation and have other necessary features to ensure you learning the language accurately.

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