Watch Padmaavat Full Movie Online in HD


Watch Padmaavat Full Movie Online in HD

In medieval India, an oppressive Sultan Alauddin Khilji and his military attacks a prosperous kingdom in an attempt to capture his beautiful, legendary Queen Padmavati. Her significant other Maharawal Ratan Singh gathers his valiant troops to guard his territory and the respect of his queen. The Khilji army finally succeeds to defeat the troops of Ratan Singh, ultimately capturing Chittor. But the real desire of the Khilji to witness the beauty of Padmavati remains unfulfilled as the Rajput women performed Jauhar (an act of mass self-immolation by women) along with Padmavati before Khilji and the troops could have got hold of them. 

IMDb Rating: 7/10 


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Padmaavat Movie Review: Although the movie inspired a lot of protests and violence all across the country, but was a blockbuster. It was an exciting take on an ancient tale and packed some powerful performances by Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapoor as well. The classically-inspired music lent grace and elegance to the film, making it one of the spectaculars from Bhansali. 

Honestly, Ranveer outshined everyone in the movie with his aggression and power performance as the beast, that Khilji really was. The breathtaking visuals, lavish sets, and the great cinematography made this epic drama a success. The movie turned out to be successful in keeping the spectators hooked throughout the duration of it. 

The stellar performance by Deepika Padukone, especially the marvelous “Ghoomar” was one of the most defining and beautifully shot sequences of the movie. This was undoubtedly one of Bhansali’s greatest work to date. Watch Padmaavat full movie online in HD on Amazon Prime now!

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