Cloud Analytics Platforms Software Reviews

Here’s the list of best Cloud Analytics Platforms by Virtuous Reviews, which allows you to increase the insight of an organisation and management capabilities for the resource usage as well as budgets allocated.

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What is Cloud Analytics Platforms?

Cloud analytics is actually a service model where elements of data analytics process are offered through either public or private cloud. Cloud analytics applications, as well as services, are typically provided under the subscription-based or utility pricing model. Cloud computing enables the organizations to consolidate the data from every sources, through each communication channels, and do it at even a big scale.


  • The cloud Analytics provides businesses more flexibility by hosting it on a local server
  • Cloud analytics enables mobile access to use the data with the help of smartphones as well as other devices
  • These services also allows collaborative social spaces so that you can connect to employees across your organization, which eventually increase interest and engagement.


  • It supports the use of platform-as-a-service which allows to deliver data-based analytics to search for key business trends.
  • It predicts both positive as well as negative business outcomes and also gives suggestions that how to achieve or avoid them.
  • It drives actionable outcomes with data-backed decisions.