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Allercoach is a product of Urban City Fresh, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, originally founded under the Food Allergy Gal brand in 2012 by Lara Holland, who was diagnosed with life-threatening adult onset allergies in 2002. As a long time food industry professional, she struggled with the diagnosis. Her research began on correlations between food and chronic illness.

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Danya Glabau
Danya Glabau
2 days ago

Food Allergy Gal is an experienced professional with extensive experience with food allergies and coaching others how to manage them in their own lives and in commercial settings. We have worked together on food allergy-related projects for over 2 years. During this time, she has been extremely dedicated to staying up with new findings in food allergy science and launching a number of food industry projects. She uniquely combines deep experience with both food and food allergies, and shares her knowledge and skills with others in a consummately professional, yet completely approachable, way.

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