San Francisco's Balloon Magic

San Francisco's Balloon Magic

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  • 1258 Fitzgerald Ave #204 San Francisco, CA 94124
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San Francisco’s Balloon Magic has been walking the SF Pride parade for the last several years and have won the “Absolutely Fabulous Street Act” each year. San Francisco’s Balloon Magic has created their magic at the closing ceremony of the De young Museum for the Chihuly exhibit, partnered with the SF Giants on Opening Day, World Series and 2010, 2012, 2014 World Series Champions Parade.

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Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson
2 days ago

It's Nice the bathroom Nice.

miquesha willis
miquesha willis
2 days ago

I first called this place about three weeks ago to inquire about a balloon I seen on a picture via web. When I called, this woman answered and made sure she rudely added in the middle of me talking that all orders are a minimum of $100 without even hearing me about what I wanted. She then told me to email her the picture. I did and no reply. So I called again and a man named Tony answered and asked me to email the picture and he'd reply right away. He did not! (Ok I understand people are busy and forget we're human) but when he replied to my email he said he can make the balloon I inquired about in the picture but failed to answer how much it would be. I called the day after his email reply to ask him how much for the balloon and he insisted I email him to have my question answered (which I find incredibly inconvenient and stupid because we were already on the phone) . So I asked him to answer my question at that very moment because it only made sense. I was told that it was $120 and that I had to purchase immediately and I asked him can I order it that following week (last week). He said to email him the picture once again and he'll send me an invoice! I did as told and I got no reply. So I called and again and he said he was sorry he was busy and to give him till Monday. Monday I wake up to an email asking if I want the balloon as is in the picture or do I want to leave out majority of the detail (I would have to show the picture for you to know). Anyways, with this being the third week me trying to accomplish something and failing I was kind of irritated and confused. I'm wondering why would he even ask me that because I was very thorough about my plans for this balloon (to give you an idea it was the circle shaped GSW logo) so pretty much he wanted to charge $120 for the outline of the balloon that looks nothing like the pic. I emailed him that I wanted my balloon to look exactly like the picture. I sent a couple more emails after that. It's been all week he hasn't responded to me so I called today. He then tells me to have it exactly as the picture he would charge me $175. The most irritating part about this to me is I never told him I wanted my balloon any other way but now all of a sudden after seeing the picture twice you assume I would want it half assed and then charge me more. I told him nevermind as he's kind of unprofessional, tardy and too expensive. Then I thought to ask if he can make it smaller to bring the price down but of course he didn't answer the phone or respond to my voicemail. SO I CALLED BALLOON LADY AND SHELL DO IT FOR $100 SHE RESPONDS QUICKLY AND YOURE ABLE TO PAY IN PERSON. I RECOMMEND HER IF YOU WANT PROFESSIONAL AND FAIR SERVICES, QUICK REPLIES AND REASONABLE PRICES.

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