Top 10 Auto Polishing Services in USA

Vive Auto Detailing


( 22 reviews )

Houston, USA

As an innovative car care studio, Vivë takes detailing and car care to the next level by utilizing the finest paint assessment digital gauges, infrared thermal curing lamps, digital microscope sy ... Read more

When it comes to the detailing of your vehicle, we will take care of each part of the process, from the pressure washing of the exterior to the polishing, vacuuming, and thorough cleaning of the inter ... Read more

You would think the worst time to start a business is during an economic recession. Particularly, in an industry that is considered a luxury or speciality. Yet, that’s just what we did.

Rehab Detailing


( 20 reviews )

Cleveland, USA

We now offer all levels of paint refinishing from basic polishing services to our extensive process of paint correction. We can bring any vehicle to a higher level of gloss, depth and luster

Mr. Detail Auto Salon


( 20 reviews )

Seattle, USA

From our detailing projects to our full-service car washes in Seattle, Mr. Detail only uses professional-grade products and equipment, such as P&S Detail Products, Sonax, Meguiars, Ceramic Pro, an ... Read more

A Plus Auto Detail


( 20 reviews )

Chicago, USA

A Plus Auto Detail is a concierge automotive detail shop created to provide automobile enthusiast with a Detailing and Paint Correction service superior to any other detail shop. Our approach to corre ... Read more

Apex Automotive


( 20 reviews )

Dallas, USA

APEX Detail in Dallas, TX brings automotive compounding and automotive car polishing to new heights with our various levels of Paint Corrective Services. From one to four steps (or more) of machine po ... Read more

Xtreme Xcellence


( 12 reviews )

Los Angeles, USA

The better alternative to detailing your own car is to hire an eco-friendly professional detailer, like Xtreme Xcellence. We have hundreds of hours of hands-on training, and years of experience in kee ... Read more

We are El Paso's only 100% green detailer. Our commitment is to give you the cleanest car possible in the greenest way possible. We don't use generators for our tools, everything is battery powered or ... Read more

Our two-stage polishing service is intended to correct minor to medium paint imperfections like light scratches and oxidation in your vehicles clear coat. Your car is first professionally washed then ... Read more

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Get an extra attention with the best Auto Polishing Services to make your vehicle look absolutely best. These Auto Polishing Services are suitable to meet the needs of both, individuals as well as corporate fleets. They aim to offer high-quality services until your car looks like brand new again!

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  • All technicians are professionally qualified
  •  Up-to-date services with best equipment and repair data
  • Getting faster repairs and services
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • No surprise billing
  • Honest services and trustworthy staff.

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