Keshav Music
Keshav Music


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New York, USA

KESHAV MUSIC acquires many of our select instruments from DMS Music of Old Delhi, as well as Paloma from Haribhau Vishwanath of Mumbai and Monoj Kumar Sardar of Kolkata. The full line of Indian instru ... Read more

Lark in the Morning
Lark in the Morning


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San Francisco, USA

Lark In The Morning has been selling musical instruments from around the world since 1974. Founded by Mickie Zekley (read more about Mickie's adventures here), it started as a mail order company ... Read more

Musician's Mall
Musician's Mall

San Francisco, USA

Welcome to Musicians Mall USA. In March 2014, the Bhargava family, well known in India as suppliers to Indian Musical Instrument makers and as a retailer of musical instruments, bought the Ali Akbar C ... Read more

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Sitar is one of the most celebrated and popular musical instruments from decades. It is categorized under chordophone category of lute family of instruments. This instrument is said to be originated from veena which was later given the original look n Mughal period. The upper body of the instrument is made up of teakwood and the lower half is attached with a resonator made with a large seasoned guard. A modern sitar holds seven strings and sixteen to twenty frets to produce a distinctive sound. This instrument is played with a wire plectrum know as mizrab. Sitar has been the essential part of Hindustani classical music from the time immemorial and is also extensively used in classical dance forms. The construction of the instrument is a critical process and requires huge expertise in order to get the best quality sound. In order to get the best sitar and a perfect sound one should only rely on an expert. If you are willing to buy an authentic sitar, rely only on VirtuousReviews. We provide an online listing of best sitar dealers services in USA. You can consult the experts and get the genuine instrument. You can get a variety of sitar from Ravi Shankar style to vilayat khan style of instrument.

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