Popular Violin Dealers

For more than four decades, Robertson & Sons have specialized in providing the highest quality stringed instruments and bows to collectors, professional musicians, music educators, and students of ... Read more

Blackerby Violin Shop


( 10 reviews )

Austin, USA

We are the leading resource for violin, viola, cello, and bass players in the Austin area. Our staff of professional string players offers assistance and guidance for any skill level, from discerning ... Read more

Lisle Violin Shop


( 10 reviews )

Houston, USA

Lisle Violin Shop maintains the largest workshop in Texas to meet the needs of our customers. From simple repairs to fine instrument restorations, our shop is equipped to handle a wide variety of repa ... Read more

Cremona Violin Makers and Dealers


( 10 reviews )

San Francisco, USA

Cremona Violin Makers and Dealers of San Francisco is under new management by Jose Cruz. Jose is an experienced luthier and is a master in the repair and maintenance of violins, violas, cellos, double ... Read more

Reuning & Son Violins


( 10 reviews )

Boston, USA

Reuning & Son Violins is excited to announce our expansion to New York City Located just steps from Carnegie Hall, our new showroom offers clients the chance to explore our world-class selection o ... Read more

David Kerr Violin Shop


( 10 reviews )

Portland, USA

Established shop offering (or renting) violins, violas & cellos, plus bows, repairs & restoration. David Kerr opened the violin shop in 1976. Was a founding member of the Portland Baroque Orch ... Read more

Robert Cauer Violins


( 9 reviews )

Los Angeles, USA

ROBERT CAUER VIOLINS offers exceptional service to the music community of Los Angeles. New, old, and rare concert violins, violas, cellos, and bows, as well as student instruments, rentals, and the ut ... Read more

Rafael Carrabba Violins, Inc. was established in 1985 when Rafael bought the business of his former employer, David Saunders. From the age of twelve Rafael worked in the Saunders shop, sweeping floors ... Read more

Gliga Violins USA, Inc


( 4 reviews )

Las Vegas, USA

We want to offer you a beautiful sounding new violin that equals the value of a vintage model at a fraction of the cost. Gliga instruments are hand-carved from the same Carpathian spruce and flamed ma ... Read more

Born into a musical family, Chunyee Lu, began the study of violin at six years of age, first under his father, a violinist of Shanghai Philharmonic. Later under Professor Li Ke Chiang, a professor of ... Read more

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Violin is a string instrument of the violin family. This instrument is widely and prominently used in western classical music, folk music and also in Indian music as well. Violin has four strings each tuned to the perfect fifth. It is played by drawing a bow over the string thus producing various musical sounds. The modern electric violin is extensively used in rock music and in jazz as well. Leaving the electrical violin, most of them are made up of wooden structure which helps to produce distinct sound from the instrument. Since the making of the violin has a distinctive effect on its sound hence, it should be analyzed and bought only from authentic producers. In case, you are searching for an expert, authentic violin dealer, rely on VirtuousReviews. We enlist the best violin dealer service in order to give you just the ideal dealer. These listed service providers get you wide variety of handmade carved violin, violas, and cellos made only by professional. They ensure best of quality for the instrument and give an absolute value to investors.

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