Lone Star Percussion

Lots of things set us apart from other drum shops and big-box music stores. When you shop with us you know you're working with professionals who have been playing and teaching for years - it&apos ... Read more

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Chhandayan is a non-profit based in New York dedicated to serve all aspects of Indian music in every possible way by propagating learning, understanding and appreciation of Indian Hindustani music.

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Subhlaxmi Grocers

You don't have to go from store to store looking for what you need. You're certain to find great products, great value, and great service at Subhlaxmi Grocers

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Keshav Music

Unlike large companies that purchase instruments sight-unseen over the phone, we fly three times a year to India, purchasing hand-picked instruments to sell here in the states. Because our instruments ... Read more

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Musician's Mall

Welcome to Musicians Mall USA. In March 2014, the Bhargava family, well known in India as suppliers to Indian Musical Instrument makers and as a retailer of musical instruments, bought the Ali Akbar C ... Read more

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Dha, dhin, dhin, na, ta, tin, tin, na, these are the beats that are common in the ears of Hindustani classical music lovers. Tabla is the instrument that produces distinctive rhythm structure for the Hindustani music system. The table is a membranophone percussion instrument. This instrument consists of a pair of drums. The Dayan and the bayan, standing for left and right. The Dayan is played by the right hand and the bayan with the left hand, for people who are right-handed. The drum is covered with goatskin membrane pulled tight, and covered by another skin. Both have a gab or black spot in the middle of the membrane made of rice flour and iron filings. This is what gives each table it’s distinctive sound. Apart from being used in classical music, we see the extensive use of tabla in folk and background music in western compositions as well. The sound of tabla is highly dependent on the make of the instrument hence, it should be bought only from an authentic dealer. If you are looking for top tabla dealers services in USA, then VirtuousReviews can be a great help to you. We enlist the best tabla dealers services who are professionally handling the making of tabla from decades.

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