Top 10 Freelancer Sites in USA

Virtuous Reviews provides you with a list of top 10 freelance websites for those who are looking for that professional opportunity in USA. You can choose the best freelancing sites to get a job of a freelancer online in USA.

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Popular Freelancer Sites

There are many freelancing platforms where skilled people can offer their services to individuals and business for a fee and it helps those people who cannot move out of their homes to search job and work. Freelancing websites have millions of clients and hence feature jobs for every single kind of freelancer. Such websites have both long- term and short- term projects that need weekly or hourly engagement.

Are you sitting at home and looking for a professional opportunity to knock your doors? It used to be an image so far but with the advent of a number of freelancing channels, it has become feasible out of the blue. You have landed up to the right place if you want to experience the freedom that freelancing offers. The digital landscape has undergone drastic changes and with this change, freelancing has become a trend.

Freelancing is all about establishing a portfolio of your past work and showcase your innovations. Well, not all the freelancing websites function satisfactorily and offer perks for great work. Are you looking for any such offer? We at Virtuous Reviews shall provide you with the path to follow. With a thorough research over the internet, we find out some of the best freelancing websites that actually operate well in USA.

Freelancing websites have millions of clients and hence feature jobs for every single kind of freelancer. Some of the finest websites actually get you great profits along with the payment for the extra efforts you had to put. We believe to include such names in our listings to help our visitors make money in an uncomplicated manner.

How to choose the right freelancing websites?

Fortunately, there are a lot of websites out there that offers freelancing jobs. How to decide on the best one? Let’s have at what you should be looking when deciding which site is best to use.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions are nothing but the contract you agree upon using their services. You should be very careful while singing in any contracts because once you jump in, there is no option to turning back.

Customer Support
You can’t simply rely on the freelance website and start working on a project. You should look through forums and other online resources for the feedback given by other freelancers. You should have a support that will answer your queries and alleviate your problems.

Low Commission Fees
This is one the key aspect that you should compare across various platforms because they directly cut into your profit. It is better to avoid sites that require a percentage fee. You should not agree to high commission fees.

Choose Small Networks
You can choose to go for smaller networks instead of opting for a big network as they are much popular among freelancers. This means the competition will be very high and the commission rate would also be high comparatively.

Prefer Direct Contact with Clients
It is always better to establish direct contact with clients. It not only nurtures a long term business relationship but also saves your time and money. Direct contact facilitates work process and makes your work flow smoothly.

Project Yourself the Right Way
Presenting yourself the right way is very important for any professional to taste the success. However, the following are a few tricks that work well for freelancing websites:

  • Apply to Projects that Match your Skillset
    Focus on jobs that you are passionate about and matches your skillset. Always, you should be looking to expand your skillset and knowledge in your interested domain. You should undertake projects which you can confidently complete with a great quality.
  • Be Proactive
    Don’t wait till others reach out, search for projects and better you reach them. You should know your skills better than anyone else. Whether it is companies or freelancers, you should show them you’re the right kind of person.
  • Don’t Undersell Yourself
    Do not agree to the cheapest rates possible. Set a minimum acceptable rate (MAR) and don’t ever go below it.


  • Keeping up-to-date is easy with real- time chat, 24/7 support, time tracker, and mobile apps.
  • Advance search box to search according to interest.You can just type the keywords of your interest and get the results.
  • You can view and update your profile anytime. You can keep updating your profile over the time what best fit to it.
  • Search freelancers as well as clients. Both clients and freelancers are free to browse and according to their needs.


  • Clients can pay when they are 100% satisfied. You can first assure that the work is done the way you wanted and then only make the payment.
  • Build long term relationships. A client can gauge your communication skills, work quality, and overall time management, which can lead to long-term relationships.
  • Interacting with people all over the world. You can apply to jobs posted by clients all over the world and interact with them through skype, messages or any other means.
  • Get to learn new things and more opportunities to make money. You get a vast exposure where you can learn as much as you want and thus improve your skills to make more money.