Top 10 Online Fax Services in USA

Worried about how to send a fax online? Best Online fax services aim to make the life of personal and small businesses lives easier. Here you can get the top 10 internet fax service performers in USA out of those present there in the Internet world so that you can send or receive faxes conveniently.

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Popular Online Fax

Online fax services allow you to send and receive crucial faxed documents in a digital format.

Small business owners are often in search of a cost-effective method to reach a number of people. If you are also trying to find out a service that could make you send a number of free faxes in return of a  monthly charge, then you made a stop at the right place. We are not online fax service providers, but good advisors for sure. We at Virtuous Reviews, hunt through several web pages to bring out the list of best online fax service providers in USA that is excellent in terms of plans and pricing.

Receiving online faxes is also advantageous as it comes with instant notifications on your PC, phones or laptops. Such services facilitate in exchanging faxes through online services or desktop interface. Online fax services were basically designed to replace the classic fax machine. The services highlighted at the top positions were found providing a flexible experience with the elimination of some limitations imposed by other online fax services.

The greatest advantage of such online services is cost. You need not invest bucks in purchasing reams of paper or fax toner cartridges. Moreover, faxes are exchanged in a highly secured manner with online services.

How to choose the best Online Fax Services?

While most online fax services offer similar feature options and pricing models, no two are identical. To find the best service for your business here are some tips that will help you do just that.

  • Assess your needs - Knowing the volume of faxes you'll need to send and receive each month is key. Use this information to determine which vendor and plan is the best fit for you. If you reliably only send and receive a handful of faxes each month, a pay-as-you-go plan might be a good choice. If your business is much more fax-oriented than that, it's best to pay a higher fee that includes a larger package of free faxes.
  • Ask for recommendations - It's not enough to just take a vendor's sales representative at his or her word. Make sure you talk to other business owners who use online fax services and see which ones they recommend. What are some things they like about their service?If you can, get several personal recommendations from business owners in your network whom you trust.
  • Contact vendors - After you've gathered recommendations, contact the top contenders on your list to get a sense of the service you can expect. How a company handles the initial call from a prospective client is always telling. Is the representative up-front about all the applicable fees and the included features? Is the rep willing to spend the time to explain how the service works? Is he or she overly pushy and aggressive in trying to make a sale? Is the representative friendly and attentive? These are all questions worth asking before choosing a vendor.
  • Understand fee structures - Always ask for a detailed breakdown of all monthly fees and any additional costs, including setup fees, long-distance and international fees, and average costs. Understanding the fee structures is crucial when you're trying to estimate what your total monthly costs will be.
  • Request free demos - Most online fax services will offer a free product demonstration. Take advantage of this offer to test out the service before you sign up. A demo will allow you to find out which service is the most user-friendly because there can be vast differences between two seemingly similar services. Some are better than others, but you won't know which unless you try it out for yourself.
  • Evaluate customer service - You'll want an immediate resolution when you do have a problem, so find out what the vendor offers in terms of customer support. Are there live agents available 24/7? Does the vendor offer live Web support or email support? Again, look for recommendations from other small business owners who have used the service to see if they have any experience with the company's customer service department.


  • Easy, Safe, Cheap, and Reliable services.
  • Completely Customizable according to your specific needs.


  • Can save a lot of money. Online fax services cost much lesser than traditional fax machines.
  • Stay Organised. If your business receives a lot of faxes every day, then it’s easy for those faxes to become unorganized. With online faxing, you can Organize, label, and categorize your faxes using an online filing system.
  • Better Security. When you receive your faxes to your email inbox, they’re bound to be more secure.