Event Management Platforms Reviews

Explore the list of top 10 event management platform software provided by Virtuous Reviews. The best event organisers are available to manage events, conferences, trade shows and many other such meetings of professional organisations.

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The event management platform software enables event planners and organisers streamline the process of hosting an event with tools that manage venue selection, marketing, payment processing, attendee registration, and more. Event management platforms are suite products that incorporate many tools to streamline the event planning process.


  • Booking wizards enable you to guide a client through the steps of entering a booking, account, contact and other key functionality.
  • Easy to use data analysis and reporting tools that deliver the real-time data your client need for informed decision making.
  • This software provides the user with virtual assistants, also known as time-saving assistants to simplify and streamline your workflow.


  • Site selection:- This software can be useful in venue selection. Many platforms even have a built-in site selection tool that can interface with various resources online.
  • Decreased processing errors:- The processing errors are reduced through the use of a real-time event platform that incorporates every area of operation.
  • Advanced communication procedures:- These software programs allow you for texting, email, or utilise social media sites to keep the delegates informed about changes and additions to the planned event.