Best Lutheran Church in USA

We are Morning Star Lutheran Church, a Caring Congregation and a called community of believers in Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit to joyfully share God's grace with all people through o ... Read more

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


( 10 reviews )

Salt Lake City, USA

Welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. We strive to be a community where every one feels welcome and affirmed. It’s our hope that you CONNECT, GROW and SERVE with us.

St Luke Lutheran Church


( 10 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

Welcome to St. Luke Lutheran Church in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a community that loves and serves God, each other, and our neighbors, no matter how near or far. We invite everyone to become part of th ... Read more

Lutheran Church of the Ascension is a community formed by Christ in Baptism and gathered around the Word of God, prayer, and the Lord’s Supper. Through His Church, Jesus seeks to draw all people ... Read more

Lutheran parochial education has more than 125 years of rich heritage in the United States. The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod has over 1,300 early childhood education centers in operation in all 50 ... Read more

Wicker Park Lutheran Church (WPLC) was founded on August 25, 1879 as an English speaking Lutheran church by German and Scandinavian businessmen and professionals who lived in Wicker Park. The founders ... Read more

Emmanuel Lutheran Church is a multi-cultural community of believers in Jesus Christ. We have our roots in the Lutheran tradition and are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We have bee ... Read more

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, began its ministry as ”The Little Stone Church” on Trinity Avenue in 1903, the 66th year of Atlanta’s existence. In 1937 the church m ... Read more

St. John's Lutheran Church was organized July 25, 1869 as Die Deutsche Luterische Germeinde (The German Lutheran Congregation) and is the oldest Lutheran church in Atlanta. The first services wer ... Read more

Our Saviour Lutheran Church, organized in 1923, is a diverse congregation located in the fast changing, urban area of Jamaica, Queens, NYC. We gather together to celebrate in Word and Sacrament the Go ... Read more

Epiphany Lutheran Church


( 3 reviews )

St Louis, USA

Founded in 1941, Epiphany is a community centered in Jesus. It’s a place where Jesus restores with forgiveness and new life. It’s a place for gathering socially, where unrelated people can ... Read more

Georgetown Lutheran Church


( 3 reviews )

Washington DC, USA

Thirty-two years before the city of Washington became the capital of our nation, a Lutheran congregation was organized in Georgetown, north of the Potomac River. A deed recorded in Frederick, Maryland ... Read more

When eight-year-old Hawraa’s family first came to the United States, she was immediately enrolled in school, but she struggled to keep up with her peers. LSG helped her mother coordinate with pe ... Read more

Cross of Life is a vibrant, growing, Christian community of faith focused on proclaiming the Gospel of God’s grace to all people. We currently have over 600 members coming from across the US and ... Read more

Established in 1922, Grace is one of the oldest Lutheran congregations in Georgia. Considered the mother church of Missouri Synod Lutherans in Atlanta, 14 of the area congregations were born out of Gr ... Read more

Third Lutheran Church


( 1 review )

Louisville, USA

Worship is inviting, participatory, relevant and transforming. It is a ‘come as you are’ casual service that follows the same pattern (liturgy) each week. The service is traditional, and t ... Read more

As a community of Christ followers, we believe that God is constantly drawing us into the mission of love, reconciliation, justice, and fellowship. It is God's grace that draws us into this work ... Read more

Welcome in the name of Christ! So many many blessings. We do have so much for which to give thanks at St. Mark Lutheran Church! God has filled our cup to overflowing. As you look over ... Read more

Mission Statement: We are baptized Disciples of Christ, responding in faith to the call of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel, unite together to share and live the word,administer the sacraments and c ... Read more

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