Top 10 Burmese Restaurants in USA

Irrawaddy Taste Of Burma

Irrawaddy Taste of Burma was first opened in March of 2016 as the first and currently only Burmese restaurant in Orange County, CA. Co-Owner & Chef, Banny Hong has owned and operated several Asian ... Read more

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Shwe Mandalay Burmese Cuisine

Shwe Mandalay is a family-owned and operated business and is currently the only Burmese restaurant in West Michigan. It had its soft opening on August 21, 2018. The grand opening, complete with a ribb ... Read more

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Top Burmese

You have heard about the beautiful Burmese Cats and Burmese Pythons. We are glad that in recent years Burmese food is also coming into the picture. A South East Asian country about a size of Texas, tu ... Read more

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Rangoon Burmese Restaurant

A Philadelphia Chinatown staple, Rangoon has offered traditional Burmese dishes for over two decades. Favorites like the tea leaf salad and house-made Thousand Layer bread have been tingling adventuro ... Read more

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Experience Burma Restaurant & Bar

Experience Burma opened as a way of connecting people through the food we eat. We’re proud to serve cuisine that’s authentic to our Burmese heritage. Those who haven’t experienced ou ... Read more

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Taste of Burma Restaurant

Check, Please! DC gives viewers an unfiltered look at the Greater Washington restaurant scene through a panel of citizen reviewers sharing their favorite eateries and dining experiences.

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Burma 2 Burmese Restaurant

Burma 2 is a Burmese Restaurant with a Full Bar and Outdoor Patio serving Authentic Burmese Cuisine as well as Burmese Inspired Cocktails and Beers.

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Jasmine Market & Deli Restaurant

Obviously, food is a big connector for people all over. We eat it at gatherings, we bring it to people during hard times, we reward people with it for triumphs, and we build events and holidays around ... Read more

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Rangoon Ruby Burmese Cuisine

With accomplished chefs proficient in all of the specialties that make Asian-Burmese cuisine sought after by food aficionados, Rangoon Ruby is fast striking a chord with diners looking for a fresh, mo ... Read more

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Burma Bistro Burmese restaurant

Myanmar (also known as Burma) is one of the beautiful Southeast Asian countries bordering China, India, Bangladesh, Lao and Thailand. There are more than 30 tribes in Burma and our dishes vary accordi ... Read more

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Green Elephant Gourmet

Green Elephant Gourmet provides fine Burmese and Chinese Cuisine. Both cuisines emphasize freshness, health, lightness and visual appeal.

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