Volunteer Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Volunteer Management Software. Choose the best volunteer management software solution to help recruit, manage and measure efforts.

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Most not-for-profit organizations rely on volunteer work to maintain parts of their operations. Volunteer management software helps nonprofits find and retain volunteers. Taking into account that volunteers do not have a contractual commitment with the organizations, nonprofits need to make sure that they have a large enough pool of volunteers who are motivated to support them. Each department of a nonprofit organization can use volunteers, and therefore it is critical to source the right person for the right activity.  


  • Recruitment - includes features to help you advertise your volunteer assignments and easily add applicants to your database.
  • Management - An advanced contact management system allows users to organize contact information and history, including volunteer type, frequency, restrictions and more. This allows users to group volunteers, filter search criteria and reach out to appropriate supporters.
  • Communication - The communication features allow users to send email campaigns to volunteers, requesting service and adding automated email reminders for upcoming service commitments they’ve volunteered for.
  • Volunteer portals - Portals allow volunteers to sign into an organization’s site, inquire about upcoming volunteer opportunities, sign up for events and update contact information. Volunteers can also change their communication preferences through portals, opting in or out of particular communications.
  • Volunteer schedules - Nonprofit organizations can post upcoming volunteer needs with scheduling features. Prospective volunteers can then peruse opportunities and fill empty slots based on their availability.


  • Recruit more participants through online marketing campaigns.
  • Better match volunteers to roles matching their skills, talents, and areas of expertise.
  • Recognize those for a job well-done, and improve the likelihood of their continued support.
  • Reduce the amount of time necessary to manually track volunteer history and organize supporters for upcoming events.