Mobile Event Apps Software Reviews

Explore the list of top 10 mobile event apps software on the Virtuous Reviews website, that is used to plan, organise and register for the events and conferences. These best event planning tools allow you to create a custom mobile app for an event without complicated coding.

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The mobile event apps software allows the creation of branded mobile applications with the information attendees need, such as schedules, maps, attendee information, exhibitor information, speaker bios, and more. Attendees can then download these apps on their mobile devices to access important event-related information.


  • The attendees get more out of events with smart content.
  • Believe in making your app social because it helps in increasing engagement.
  • Make sure to include flexible controls to match your needs.


  • Such an app delivers valuable, engaging and relevant information.
  • The mobile event apps build anticipation for future events and will remain on an attendees’ device, becoming a trusted resource for the user and brand.
  • Having active and engaged audience translates into higher quality meetings, better feedback and establishing a stronger connection with your corporate brand.