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Since 1995, Dr. Amer Smajkic has been practicing Psychiatry in the Chicago area. As a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. Smajkic is applying his knowledge and skills as a Psycho-pharmacologist, Behaviorist and Cognitive Behavioral therapist. The focus of his care is ADHD disorders, Learning disorders, Developmental disorders, Mood disorders and Anxiety disorders.

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Ivana V.
Ivana V.
2 days ago

We have decided to travel to Chicago specifically to see Dr. Smajkic and have our four year old, who is experiencing speech delay and some behavioral issues, evaluated. Now we can tell it was the best decision we could have made. The evaluation was very thorough and gave us enormous confidence in Dr. Smajkic expertise, but what made otherwise stressful situation to be really different, was his exceptional approach, which was very warm and friendly, but also very educational. He gave us not only specific advice and education, but also helped with literature and offered further support. We came to see Dr. Smajkic confused (and to certain degree scared), feeling that we don't really know what to do and how to best help our son, and we left our appointment with clarity and plan, feeling very much empowered and optimistic. Dr. Smajkic has already made enormous difference in our lives (of the whole family), and probably for a very long term too. Should we need additional help, we won't think twice about coming to Chicago to see Dr. Smajkic again. I would like to give highest possible recommendation to all parents seeking to help their children with developmental issues.

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