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Kinney Drugs

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At Kinney Drugs, we strive to provide the highest quality pharmacy, health, and retail services at fair and competitive prices in our communities; to serve and satisfy the needs of our customers; to be responsive to the needs and goals of our employees; to manage our company's resources to ensure a fair and equitable return on investment for our stockholders; and to plan and provide for the continued growth of Kinney Drugs.

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Dan Hanley
Dan Hanley
2 days ago

It’s absolutely ridiculous what you guys put your paying customers through. A lady that lives right around the corner from your Peru, NY store always has an issue you can’t seem to solve. Having her meds is life or death and either you can’t deliver or you say her card that works everywhere else doesn’t work. It makes no sense to tell someone their card doesn’t work when it works everywhere else. When she calls to try to get it figured out the lady she talks to on the phone is very rude with her and basically treats her like she’s an idiot. This is absolutely unacceptable! You still haven’t fixed the situation because she’s not the only one who has complained about poor service and lack of getting her meds on time.

Susan Nichols
Susan Nichols
2 days ago

I wanted to share my experience with what happened to me today July 3 2018 at Kinney Drugs. Pulaski, N.Y. I got new insurance and it was supose to take effect July 1. Hubby tried to get my prescription filled yesterday but denied for unadaquite insurance. So i went in today to see what was going on. I spoke to Mark Palmer. I told him I got new insurance and I paid the bill 10 days ago for my insurance. He was busy. But he stopped what he was doing and he personally called my insurance company. After half hour waiting. I got the run around from the insurance company. They said they never received payment and I was not a member and that I would have to refile. I was so upset. I started blatting like a big baby. My medicine would of been 25 dollars without insurance. I didn't really have it to pay for it. So he got the prescription down to 8.00 he was so kind and helpful and considerate. I was already having a rough day because it's the anniversary of my mom's death though it is 17 years passed I still get emotional. So having a rough day already. He cheered me up. I am so grateful. Thank you Mark palmer. Thank you kinneys in pulaski.

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