Sleep Disorders Services Of New York

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  • 112-03, Queens Boulevard, Suite 210, Forest Hills, NY 11375 USA
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The Sleep Disorders Service of New York (SDSNY) is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. This premier center in the borough of Queens is fully-accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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Diego Vazquez
Diego Vazquez
2 days ago

Be prepared to wait at least an hour in the waiting room. I've waited over 2 hours before. If someone is friends with the doctor or reception they'll have them go first. Oh, but God forbid you miss an appointment. They charge a $200 fee for that. I highly suggest a doctor that respects your time.

Art Nyfb
Art Nyfb
2 days ago

For what reason the people at the front desk raising their voice and being disrespectful? I might know the answer, when a person calls in and has a deep accent, feeling uneasy because of his/her English pronunciation, someone immediately takes advantage of her/him. I spoke with two women over the phone and they were far from pleasant to speak with. When I said, extremely politely, “thank you,” at the end of our short conversation(s) the person(s) hang up the phone without even saying thank you back. Is this the way we all should treat each other? Is this what all this supposed to be? I work hard trying to meet ends in my life, I have two jobs, I’m a full time student, I pay my taxes and I really want to be treated fairly. But when little things like this happen everything stops. I don’t know if someone reads this, I hope people do. This is not the way we should treat each other and everyone has the right to be treated equally without any difference based on your native language, color, views, sex and etc.

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