Top 10 3D Architects: Reviews & Ratings

Virtuous Reviews provide a list of top 10 architects in the world who uses architectural design software to build residential house or office building with amazing interior design to give the building a fabulous style. For all these amenities, you can hire online the best architecture firms of the world.

Architects are the ones that make our life luxurious by implementing the best of the designs in Infrastructure. This is a workforce that looks for our various necessities and thereby fabricates spaces to live in.

These architects have made small spaces so efficient that their work is highly wondrous. With their creative head, architects are running their work on the best of the platform. Was the life that luxurious before they intrude in our lifestyle? As everywhere you head, the work of an architect is quite fascinating and proved out working a necessity in life.

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What points to be considered while hiring an Architect?

Choosing the best architect for your house building project or for the construction of your office premises is quite descriptive task. You need to look for various factors while selecting the one out of many. Few such factors are explained below:-

Who will design your project?
As a client, you should ask contractor about who is going to design your project. Because it is a key factor for which just meeting the contractor is not enough. You have to meet the lead architect who is going to execute your project before hiring an agency for the same.

Do you have signature style?
Ask the contractor of the firm, whether they have a signature style or not. Most architects pride themselves on their adaptability, which allows them to tailor their style to fit each house and client. By talking about the architect’s signature style up front, you can decide whether it’s the right fit for you.

What project management services do you provide?
Architects can do more than come up with the design and blueprints. They also can manage the project, help you hire a contractor, check the contractor’s work as the job proceeds, make design adjustments as the work progresses etc. Ask your architect which of these services he provides, and what they cost. Some services, like site inspections and revisions, should be part of your contract.

How do you charge?
Architects usually charge a percentage of the total project cost, anywhere from 5%-20%, depending on the services provided, the complexity of the job, and the renown of the architect. Ask what percentage the architect will charge for your project, and when and how payments will be due.


  • Showcases Innovation - The architecture companies work with an aim to spark new innovations and inspires its clients to join them in their efforts to deliver better world.
  • Turns Imagination into Reality - Imagination is considered as a raw material which is further combined by a large amount of hard work to convert imagination into reality.
  • Provide Creative Solutions to Complex issues - The companies dealing in architecture business, have various technicians who provide 24*7 support to its clients and help them find  creative solutions to complex issues.


  • Focuses on Collaboration - Providing a single point of responsibility with a focus on collaboration to minimize risk, delivery schedule and cost.
  • Consultancy - Helping clients make decisions that lead to sustainable plans, management practices and investments in infrastructure, resources and operations.
  • Deliver Quality - These online companies centers on creativity, cross ideas and talents across offices to deliver quality at all levels and in all places.