Top 10 Commercial Designers: Reviews & Ratings

The top 10 commercial designers are ranked and reviewed by the Virtuous Reviews website. These designers use the commercial design software for industrial plans with interior decorating ideas and hire best local architects to build office premises, industries and for various product designs.

Commercial designers are designers that combine the skills of art and engineering. They are also known to be industrial designers. These designers are responsible for manufacturing a large no of products that are produced on a wide scale.

Some common products produced by commercial designers include medical equipment, automobiles and appliances. The goal of a commercial designer is to capture the attention of a consumer while utilizing a design that reflects the attitude and style of a particular brand.  Often, a commercial designer consults with engineers and scientists to better understand the manufacturability of a product.

We at Virtuous Reviews look for the best in the industry professionals meeting your requirements. As searching for a skilled parade is easy with the press of a button, but here the results are deeply refined to match according to your demands. Our strict evaluation procedure helps us in reviewing the best possible and we aim for more. We focus on our central goal that aids in providing the responsibilities to the best hands in the industry.

Our endeavour to let the companies and business grow with this importance assistance paved our way to this far. The vendors that are there on the list are strictly selected on the basis of methodologies they prosper to be online. The companies highlighted at top positions are responsible for the continuous addition of fresh and valuable innovations in the online market.

What matters while choosing the best commercial designers?

Following key points should be considered before appointing a commercial designer. These points are quite important while designing for a commercial space:

  • Design and Behaviour - Great looking spaces make everyone feel good. They can energize them to do their best work, soothe away life’s little stresses, and add glamour to fashion or festivities. Good design takes into consideration the many ways that space can influence the people using it and seeks to optimize desired behaviors and/or minimize undesired behaviors.
  • Sustainable Design - Sustainable design can be achieved by minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts on environmental, economic, and social systems over the life cycle of the building. You should look for designs which result in spaces that reduce the use of resources such as gas, water and electricity, make most of the sustainable materials, improve indoor air quality and human comfort, and encourage the use of recycled materials and recycling.
  • Health and Safety - Protecting health, safety and welfare is the professional responsibility of every commercial designer. Every decision a commercial designer makes in one way or another affects the health, safety and welfare of the public. Those decisions include specifying furniture, fabrics and carpeting that meet or exceed fire codes and space planning that provides proper means of egress.
  • Design Thinking - Design thinking employs the methods and sensibilities of designers to developing technologies, products and services that meet people's needs. Commercial designers should be trained in design thinking and the design process from the very beginning of their education. The clients will hire professionals with high creativity and innovative thinking.


  • Innovative - The companies dealing in commercial designs provides great designs with a ‘wow’ factor that makes products more desirable and services more appealing to users.
  • Collaborative - Team collaboration leads towards the successful attainment of desired goals of the company and the client. The lead commercial designer works in collaboration with a team to execute the plan he made for the particular project.
  • Insightful - The designer should be insightful towards the clients and make a satisfactory plan keeping in mind the key factors demanded by the client in his project.


  • Utilize space - Commercial designers have the knowledge, skills and experience of decorating any given space. They know how to utilize space in the maximum possible way.
  • Colour combinations - Commercial designers are provided training when it comes to using colors for different spaces and rooms too. There are colors that would make a person happy and active, while few are those which make you feel relaxed.
  • Budget - You may think that hiring a commercial designer would increase your expenses. On the other hand, such a professional would help you to save money. He would make sure that the designing work of your office stays in your budget.