Top Residential Designer in USA

The top 10 residential designers are ranked and reviewed by the Virtuous Reviews website in USA. These designers use the residential design software for small house plans with interior decorating ideas and hire best local architects to build a living room, dining room and give the kitchen an exclusive design.

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William Rawn Associates
Contact: 6174233470



(0 reviews)
RBB Architects
Contact: 3104733555



(0 reviews)
Contact: 8167831500



(0 reviews)
STUDIOS Architecture
Contact: 3103851550



(0 reviews)
Frank Harmon Architect
Contact: 9198299464



(0 reviews)
SERA Architects
Contact: 5034457372



(0 reviews)
Cuningham Group Architecture
Contact: 6123793400



(0 reviews)
Elkus Manfredi Architects
Contact: 6174261300



(0 reviews)
MHTN Architects
Contact: 8015956700



(0 reviews)
HMC Architects
Contact: 4157779422



(0 reviews)

Browse through Virtuous Reviews to get the online listing of best residential designers in USA. We provide you with the list of top 10 residential designers who use latest residential design software for drafting your house. Hire these professionals for getting the best interior design ideas for your living room, dining spaces, kitchen, bedrooms. We also provide user ratings and contact details for transparency in communication. Switch to Virtuous Reviews and hire a residential designer for an exclusive design of your dream house.

Residential designers are the professionals who own first-hand experience and technical skills to create and plan a dwelling place for you which is exclusive, luxurious, comfortable yet affordable.

A  house is just not an ordinary building, it is someone’s dream which they have always seen. It is always easy to build a concrete building but it is very very difficult to transcript a dream into reality. Well, we provide you experts residential designers to easily bring your dream into reality in term of your dream dwelling place. Residential designers are professionals who use the latest software along with their expertise and skills to draft a house that is chic, comfortable, exclusive and of course the way you always wanted it to be.

Virtuous Reviews value your emotional bond with your house hence we took a step further to provide you with the list of best residential designers across the USA city. We make rigorous filtration process to access their genuineness before we bring the best ones to you. The list of vendor mentioned here is selected on the basis of their methodologies used in the online process.

Why should you consider hiring a Residential Designer?

 You must have seen and heard about disastrous home decors while remodelling or in custom made houses. We are sure you will not be willing to be part of that league. Aren't you?

Consider hiring a residential designer. Here are the advantages:

  • It saves a lot of time:- Hiring a skilled professional is beneficial as they may easily understand your requirements and plan out other necessary arrangements without wasting time and resources.
  • Multiple utilities:- A professional residential designer can not only facilitate in the smooth running of your project but also give expert advice and guide through a relevant building application process, legislations and other formalities.
  • They act as your advocate:- residential designers also helps in verifying the work done by the contractors. It is very difficult to supervise the work of every contractor by the owners. Designers look into the detailing of the work done before it actually requires the dual expense of the owners.
  • The Power of transformation:- A designer is hired with the intention to replicate your dream into reality. But an actually skilled professional does more than it. They transform your idea in the best possible way with a touch of the latest trend, comfort, and luxury.

How to choose a Residential Designer?

Refine your design project

Before contacting an interior designer, take some time to think about what you want and what you need. The first step in this process is to consider some questions that an interior designer will ask regarding your project. For whom is the space being designed, what activities will take place there, how long do you plan to occupy the space, what is your time frame etc. Apart from these questions, be sure to consider the positive and negative aspects of the space.

Interview prospective designers

Look for educated and accredited interior designers who can demonstrate their creativity and talent. Thus, while interviewing the prospective designers you need to consider following key points:-

  • Inquire about the designer's education, training, experience, professional affiliations and other credentials.
  • Ask about other services the designer can provide and what can be done to help you optimise your understanding of the cost of the project.
  • Duration of project or deadlines and what the designer's availability is for taking on the project within the desired timetable.
  • Parameters for updates and ongoing communication between you and the interior designer.
  • The designer's fee structure

Hiring the best designer

Once you've interviewed several designers, take time to compare their estimates. Don't base your decision on price alone. Keep in mind that differences in each proposal reflect variables such as level of service and quality. After the designer is hired, you need to address specific project needs and goals. You will share ideas and the designer will lend insights and observations to your ideas to identify the overall scope of the project.


  • Space planning and utilization:- The residential designers will create a rough plan for the project keeping in mind the total space and with an aim to utilize the entire space in a manner that no space could be left spare and it should add value to the design.
  • Acoustics and sound transmission:- While designing a plot, they should think of the acoustics and sound transmissions across the house. Some sort of acoustic treatment should be done to omit the unnecessary sounds coming from outside.
  • Design for people including their special needs:-  consider the needs and requirements of the client while designing the plot. The designers can add something to client’s suggestions but do not try to omit or eliminate the necessary requirements.


  • Time-saving:- You may not know how structural choices can impact the installation of the mechanical system. Figuring those things out takes time and lots of it. A skilled professional will have this information at the ready for you. Thus, it will save a lot of your time.
  • Get the services from experts:- The basic function of a designer is interpreting your needs and coming up with a professional plan for any building project. The experts will also provide a wide variety of other resources to make sure the whole building process goes off without a hitch.
  • Experts will be your advocates:- The experts act as your advocates as they fix the issues and problems which were left over by the previous contractor. Since the previous contractor is not ready to fix those issues, you need to hire an another team for the same task. They will surely help you overcome the issues in your house.