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Browse through Virtuous Reviews to get the list of best landscape designers available in USA. These designers create designs for patio gardens, landscaping bushes, fountains with river rocks and many others with the help of best professional landscape designing software. We provide you the listing of these designers after a careful series of the evaluation process in order to provide you with the most authentic information. Switch to Virtuous Reviews to find the top 10 landscape designers available near you.

Landscape designers create attractive functional and pleasing outdoor spaces for homeowners, businesses, organization etc. Landscape designers use the environment as their canvas, typically beginning with a blank slate and ending with a functional and beautiful outdoor space for people to enjoy. landscape designers work closely with clients to develop a design plan specific to that person's needs. Once specific landscape elements are selected, drawing up a plan can be done using CAD software although the traditional method of sketching designs with pencil and paper works is also prevalent. In short, a landscape designer should be a creative person who can possess the ability to transform everything that comes in its way into an instance of beauty.

We understand that the need to easily locate the best professional is increasing due to the reduced time frame and work pressure. We at Virtuous Reviews value the importance of your time, therefore we bring the listings of the best designers available across USA. We carefully handpick the best of the professionals and after a series of the evaluation process, we enlist them in our listings. They are selected on the grounds of their online services that are offered to their clientele.

Why should you consider hiring a Landscape Designer?

  • Add value:- Hiring a landscape designer can add great value to your property. Designing your outdoor landscape can add a touch of elegance and subtleness in the overall experience of the property.
  • Add visual elements:- landscape designers use latest technologies to determine the look and long-term success of a space, as well as create visual aids to help you know what your space will look like once everything is completed.
  • Transform your space:- If you do not have a fair idea about changing your outdoor space, hiring a landscape designer can be a great help. They use various software to show how can they change the space in the way you expect it to be.
  • Knowledge of the different elements:- A landscape designers are well versed with different elements of the landscape. Starting from soil type to microorganism to the kind of grasses that best suit the location and much more. Hiring them would mean relief from your end.

How to look for the great Landscape Designers?

Here are some questions to ask the landscape designer at your initial meeting:

Have you worked on a project like this before?

Look for relevant experience and project examples that are similar to yours.

How do you charge for your services?

Services can be charged at an hourly rate, with a not-to-exceed amount, or as a lump sum based on the scope of work. A less common method in the landscape profession is to charge as a percentage of construction costs.

Can you provide client references?

Call references and ask how pleased they were with the design. Also, ask about professionalism: Was the landscape architect punctual? Were the lines of communication open? Were issues handled in a professional manner?

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges in my project?

This is an approachable way to understand the landscape architect’s initial reactions to the site. It’s also a great way to learn how the landscape architect thinks through design problems


  • Site analysis:- Every parcel of land is unique as well as being part of a larger ecosystem. A professional landscape designer has the skill to understand the macrocosm that will dictate the broad-brush strokes of design.
  • Conceptual design:- A professional landscape designing company offers conceptual design to its clients. The professionals are able to narrow down the options to a concept that answers the needs, wants and wishes of the landowner while addressing the ecosystem characteristics presented in the existing landscape.


  • Increases the value of your home:- A landscape architect is well equipped to design an outdoor living space that will not only add value but also extend your living space while allowing you to enjoy all that nature has to offer.
  • Designs low-maintenance gardens:- If you are the one who is looking for low-maintenance gardens, native plants are the way to go—and a landscape designer will incorporate them into your landscape design to relieve you from maintenance trouble.