Ratings And Reviews For Top 10 Cloud Storage Software Programs

Most trustworthy cloud storage software in the world are ranked here to provide best and cheapest online services. Find out which can backup your personal as well as professional data in the most secure form.

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CtrlS Datacenters Ltd
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Sync.com Inc



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IDrive Inc.
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Code42 Software
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What is Cloud Storage Program?

Cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed or backed up remotely and made available to users over the internet. Cloud storage basically deals with the storage of data online on cloud that is accessible from different connected resources. It provides the benefits of rapid deployment, greater accessibility, strong protection and reliability. It offers great security for archival, data backup and disaster recovery purposes. It is a cost-effective procedure to manage files and with this, there is no need to make heavy purchases of expensive hardware. Cloud storage has enough potential for security concerns.

Cloud storage may take several forms such as personal cloud storage, public cloud storage, private cloud storage and hybrid storage depending upon the privacy level and number of people sharing cloud. Personal cloud storage stores an individual’s data that can be accessed from anywhere whereas in public cloud storage, there is no cloud resource installed at the data centre of an enterprise.

In private cloud storage, the service providers and enterprise are integrated at the data centre of enterprise whereas the combination of private and public services reflects in hybrid cloud storage. Using cloud storage is a no brainer but it becomes bit more difficult once it comes to picking one service. We at Virtuous Reviews compile some popular and reliable services and arrange the same in a preferential manner. Lesser known but fine options are also included in our listings because we lay emphasis on quality services.

Why do we use cloud storage programs?

  • Cloud storage allows you to easily drag and drop the files between the cloud storage and local storage.
  • No need to email files to individuals instead send a web link to recipients through your email.
  • Files can be accessed from anywhere via internet connection.
  • Cloud storage can be used as a back‐up by businesses and provide a second copy of important files.

Features of cloud storage programs:-

  • File Versioning - With the help of file versioning you can edit the file anytime and anywhere. Services with this feature do not allow to overwrite your old files.
  • Automatic sync - This feature will update your files to reflect any edits you make in real time. With automatic syncing your data always remains up to date.
  • Collaboration tools - The best services allow users to share files with an authorized user on any device, via direct link and email also.
  • View and edit files - The vast majority of cloud computing services allow users to view and edit files from the cloud on any other system or tablet or smartphone.

Benefits of Cloud Storage Programs:-

  • It allows cost backing up of your data in a cheaper and faster way.
  • It is invisible and does not take your valuable physical space.
  • The confidential information is safe and secure the.
  • You can can access, sync the information from anywhere using any device which has internet connectivity.