Top 10 Anti-Virus Software: Ratings and Reviews

Go through the top 10 Antivirus software for Laptops, PC, Mobiles & Tablets used to detect and eliminate various viruses and malicious software from your computer. Get software for Windows, ios, Mac and Android phone. Your system needs virus protection and complete internet security so choose the best virus checker and spyware for your mobile and system protection. See ratings and reviews.

What is Antivirus?

Antivirus is a small set of program used to protect your system against any malicious activity or harmful viruses. Antivirus software emergence is the result of the increasing threat of cyber crime. They are a set of codes or program built for the protection and better functioning of your devices. Everyone is well aware that an Anti Virus is nothing but a set of programs that is designed in such a way that detects software viruses or malicious software and takes a prompt action to get your system rid of it.

An Anti Virus is of use only if it is quick in scanning the threatening viruses in our devices and yes we need to find out the best one. Virtuous Reviews is always there to enlighten you with the latest releases of antivirus software and their ratings and reviews which are built with the motive of cleaning your system properly from the recent viruses attacks.

As we all know that technology is always in its changing phase and so is the cyber crime world. Every now and then Trojans, viruses, bugs are affecting the devices. We provide you the most efficient antivirus software list which covers every area like showing the health of your device, scanning a particular file, detecting malicious codes, scheduling the scan and also allowing you to initiate a scan. Virtuous Reviews gives an insight of the most updated antivirus software.

A buyer’s guide to choose the best Antivirus software

Before selecting the best spyware or antivirus for your system have a look at some of the basic stuff which you should know. Go through our guide which will enable you to decide which software can provide you complete system protection.

Take a free trial

As the number of antivirus software are increasing in the market and almost every one of them is available online easily hence it becomes a necessity to go through a free trial. It will help you to analyse the services and ensure which one can deliver the required facilities for your system security.

Why do we use Antivirus?

Antivirus software is of great importance not only for specific industries but for almost all of us. They protect against security leakage hence are necessary for major purposes:

  • Security needs - It doesn’t just detect viruses, worms, Trojans and generic malware, it also identifies abnormal behavior on systems. It can block the connection of devices to corporate computers, prevent certain programs from running, monitor use of the Internet, protect email, and even provide a firewall to create rules for blocking ports and protocols.
  • Technical reports - They are useful in providing executive and technical reports. These reports offer a complete audit of all the actions of the security tool on your network and computers.
  • Tech support - Customers can contact the support team of the respective antivirus to ensure any issues are resolved rapidly. Corporate antivirus protection is of high importance.
  • Collaboration with experts - Collaboration with agencies and experts to uncover

Features of Antivirus:-

  • Scan exclusive files or directories for any suspicious pattern, viruses or malware.
  • Schedule scans automatically to have a quick look whether the data in files and folders is safe.
  • Initiate a scan of a specific file or of your computer, or of any drive present in your system.
  • Detect the malicious code and remove it by notifying you of an infection and asking if you want to clean the file. Many a times the best online antivirus programs will automatically do this without notifying.
  • Let you know the entire health of your system.

Benefits of Antivirus:-

When you secure your system by installing an antivirus you close the doors for all the security leaks and threats. To be sure about it its necessary to look at the antivirus reviews before installing. Here are the benefits which you can enjoy by using the top antivirus freeware:

  • It provides you real time protection against any suspicious activities. If you do not have it installed on your system you cannot actively scan the files as soon as they enter your system.
  • It provides you boot time scanning in which it will scan the entire hard drive of your system
  • It will scan specific files of your system. If you do not have an antivirus system the file with not show an option to scan it and you will have to open it without being sure.
  • Your sensitive information is safe and secure. Sometimes it may happen that all of your sensitive information is uploaded to networks of infected computers which can steal your very sensitive information like credit card details.