Top 10 Project Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list top 10 Project Management Software from all round the world. These open source software are the easiest way for your team to manage and keep track of your project to get desirable results using preferred project management scheduling.

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TimeCamp Ltd.
Contact: 6468937463



(3 reviews)
Safran Software
Contact: 40004707



(0 reviews)
Zoho Corporation
Contact: 18001237711



(0 reviews)
Contact: 214307675



(0 reviews)
Freshworks Inc.
Contact: 6505130514



(0 reviews)
Contact: 8553452777



(0 reviews)
Deltek, inc
Contact: 8004562009



(0 reviews)
Contact: 9722005516



(0 reviews)
Contact: 555522779



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Comindware Inc
Contact: 8883174608



(0 reviews)
Project Planning Pro
Contact: 8669689995



(0 reviews)
Contact: 8557767763



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A company requires tons of meetings, calls and other jobs to finish all its projects on time and stay on the top. But sometimes even after working to the full capacity, there are chances that you might observe few cracks.

To keep your team moving in full speed, project management software has been developed in the industry which tries to keep all your projects, files and data properly managed with full transparency. You can simply get the overview of all the information you need without any hassle which makes your team stay aligned and focused.

The brilliant team of Virtuous reviews have compiled a list of certain perfect software that can stay coordinated in every step of your project. Simply pick the right software with the help of our list and keep yourself informed with the progress at every step. These software will easily meet your need and suit exactly in your working style. Moreover, all the software included in the list have been designed in such a way that can even change your working style in a better way.

How the planning mode enhances your project management?

  • Time slot view provides a general idea of how much time and tasks booked team members, viewing the unscheduled time slots
  • You’ll get imminent to whom you should assign new tasks
  • Quick outline of tasks and unscheduled time of team members help to set sensible deadlines
  • Whenever you like an urgent task is required to be prioritized, you can shift other ahead and can easily make space for your high-priority ones
  • If one member of the team finishes their task from the planned schedule, you can allocate them further tasks as and when required.


  • While managing a team, it is extremely significant to have highlight tasks and responsibilities of everyone. Project management software allows assigning responsibilities to team members as well as setting priorities with deadlines.
  • Planning tool helps you to quickly make room in your intended to-do list without manually rearranging the whole project plan.
  • It allows you to assign tasks in such a way that line up with the day-to-day availability of your team. This means no more missed deadlines.


  • Collaborate with team in real-time It offers communication tools that can help team members to discuss issues in real time.  This way team member can be kept as updated with subject as they arise.
  • Information sharing Projects may require the use of important documentation, Information sharing tools allows to edit or update the status of reports and to create systems along with transparency and ongoing communication.
  • Manage project overheads It usually includes tools that can help team in managing project expenses.
  • Ability to manage forecasting, and budgets By predicting risks, creating forecasts and tracking budgets are one of the major aspects of these software.