Top 10 Syrian Restaurants in USA


Kubeh is a dish with widespread tradition across the Middle East and It comes in many forms. Sometimes there’s an outer dough-like shell and an inner filling, sometimes the ingredients are groun ... Read more

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Syriana Cafe

Syriana is not just a place for great food, it is a cultural hub that will immerse you in a rich Syrian-themed cuisine, crafts, and conversations.

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(11 reviews)
Zayna Mediterranean Restaurant

Our story began over 10 years ago when we opened our first restaurant with a vision to bring a new dimension to restaurants in the area and elevate traditional Syrian cuisine.

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Damascus Grill

Humble Middle Eastern mainstay in miniature digs with a menu that includes hummus, gyros & baklava.

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Head chef and owner of Ranoush, Aboud Alhamid brings to Saint Louis the finest combination of Middle Eastern cuisine to the heart of The Loop. Aboud hails from Syria, the heart of the Middle East.

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Damascus Restaurant

Humble, BYOB Middle Eastern spot fixing up kebabs, sandwiches, vegetarian dishes & other bites.

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Syrian Kitchen

Here in Syrian Kitchen, our priority is for you to experience not only great food but also comfortable place and atmosphere.

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Aleppo's Kitchen

Aleppo's Kitchen is our second home. This home of ours is a family owned Mediterranean restaurant that we believe serves the best Mediterranean food in Anaheim, Orange County. Aleppo to many is k ... Read more

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Kobee Factory Syrian restaurant

Everything prepared with high quality, rich taste and made fresh on Order. Healthy, Delicious and made very Special, to steal all your hearts. Our experienced Chefs ensure to give you the best and mak ... Read more

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Four Seasons Mediterranean Cuisine

We offer an informal dining experience for those who are allergic to jackets and ties. Sit outside and soak up the sun on those nice summer days.

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