Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants in USA

Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant

Few people can relate, but most people can only imagine what it is like to leave your home for a brand new country. That was us - our family of over 8 immediate siblings, 6 in-laws, 2 parents, and a f ... Read more

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(11 reviews)
Nam Phuong Restaurant

Located in south Philadelphia, Nam Phuong has been famous for Vietnamese delicacies. Whether it is appetizer, meat, seafood, or vegetarian, our recipes always contain the best quality and healthiest i ... Read more

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(10 reviews)
Green Leaf Vietnamese Restaurant

Behind this humble storefront diners discover a menu of Vietnamese fare including pho noodle soups.

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Singapore Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant

Singapore Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant is a cornerstone in the San Antonio community and has been recognized for its outstanding Chinese cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.

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Pho Plus Vietnamese Restaurant

When coming here, customers can also enjoy many dishes as Pho, noodle, rice and so much more with the tasty and unique flavor of the Vietnamese cuisine. We strive on providing the best experience and ... Read more

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(11 reviews)
Mai's Restaurant

Mai's Restaurant is a small but gratifying little gem in near east Dallas. The owner, Mai has continued the family tradition of offering the best in fresh, flavorful Southeast Asian cuisine that ... Read more

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(10 reviews)
New Saigon Restaurant

New Saigon is an award-winning Denver restaurant that has been serving authentic, delicious Vietnamese cuisine in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere since 1987.

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(10 reviews)
Pho Basil

Vietnamese food is unique and so is Thai food. At Pho Basil, we serve fresh and healthy Vietnamese dishes, along with authentic Thai food.

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PhoNatic Vietnamese Restaurant

Founder Pat Lee, grew up in the Asian grocery business. His family opened the first Asian grocery store in Austin and years later, built the first “Chinatown” Center in Central Texas.

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(10 reviews)
So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant

We specialize in Pho, Bun, and Com style dishes. We also offer spring rolls, and several varieties of rice infused dishes.

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