Top 10 Marketing Automation Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 online marketing automation software across the world. These are one of the most in-demand lead nurturing softwares for email automation along with the goal of automating digital marketing, software marketing, email newsletter and makes these tasks easier.

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Popular Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation means digital marketing and its ‘Automatic’. Don’t we all prefer buying things with the label ‘Automatic’. So that our efforts are minimised and we can have some time at our disposal too. So, we do not need to convince you that you should adopt marketing automation software in your online marketing strategy. Virtuous Reviews know that the secret of going ahead is getting started, so to serve our customers we have presented best marketing automation tools used by leading businesses.

These software control all of your digital actions like email sending, social media interactions, reports and analysis on contents and subscription reaches. You can easily prioritize your marketing jobs and execute them accordingly. You can know which visitors are converting and which are showing interest in your products. Thus you will not waste your time in the less important jobs and non converting customers. It can also work to improve website landing pages, SEO and ultimately leads to personalised customer experience.

Not adopting the marketing automation, may be ultimate career limiting move for today’s marketers. Automated marketing is like technology meet implementation which can only lead your business towards success.

Why Marketing Automation is important?

  • Marketing automation is now becoming the system of record. Here you can manage all your data and can create a rich profile of your target customers, which means you can send the correct information at the correct time
  • It enables you to gather all the digital information your diagnosis are leaving during digital interactions and make out when a prospect is giving buying signals so that you can come to knows that he or she is ready to interact.


  • Email marketing - It allows you to send messages directly to the group of people and to potential users.
  • Online marketing - It provides you enough tools so that you can promote your products and services efficiently.
  • Lead management - Offers set of methodologies and practices to generate new potential customers.
  • Social marketing - It provides you with the tools which helps you to develop marketing concepts along with other approaches to manipulate behaviors of customers.


  • Automation software allows you keep track of which Web pages your leads have insight, when your emails they opened and links in the email they open. By this, you can then look after your content that’s specific to the needs of your lead.
  • It eliminates the need of tedious manual processes, which eventually increases productivity since you can put increased focus on tasks which need more severe manual monitoring.
  • It offers pertinent insight into customer target which can help your company to forecast customer requirements and choices, and then enabling you to take action accordingly without wasting much of your time.