Top 10 Trucking Dispatch Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the top 10 best Trucking Software in the world. Truck Scheduling Software offers you the list of highly-rated and affordable transportation dispatch software for carrier and broker operations which allows you to find the right truck dispatch and routing solution for your organization.

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Truck haulage serve as a common means to move waste in mining operations. With the advent of new technologies, truck dispatching systems have been given the potential of future saving and truck shovel productivity. It is a common situation with truck dispatching that a number of techniques analysis have to be done before actual dispatching. The function of truck dispatching systems depends on dispatching methodology, intricacy of system and many other variables. To relate the alternate dispatching strategies, computer simulation is very much effective.

In truck dispatching systems, a computer monitors status and location of dumper. It keeps account of whether the dumper is full or empty and in which direction it is heading, with what velocity. It also involves production numbers like historic data, haul routes time taken to complete the whole trip and cycle time. The data is then compared to the ideal values. The number of trips by the dumpers are also counted. It has got user friendliness as one of its prime features. These software programs can also find application in equipment maintenance systems.

How does trucking dispatch helps?

Trucking dispatchers play an important role in transportation logistics. Truck dispatchers manage and organize freight movement as well as equipment from one place to another while keeping close contact and communication with truck drivers. These dispatching companies provide help to truck drivers to negotiate and acquire loads and handle paperwork.


  • Real time tracking is very important to follow with the trucking shipment. It becomes even more significant if there is an alteration in the plan due to freight management or some other reasons.
  • Tracking of truck usage, actual fuel usage and unauthorized use reduces fraud by employees and contractors to an extent.
  • By tracking driver performance and monitoring his activities like speeding, aggressive braking and rapid acceleration, one can make sure the safety of both, driver as well as consignments.


  • Security & Support - It provides huge support in online knowledge base and community, takes automatic Server Backups and most importantly, it does not charge any setup fees or upgrade fees.
  • Real-Time Visibility - It gives interactive user-interface as well as shows real-time vehicle locations, customers, and routes.
  • Advanced Reporting - It helps in maintaining a historical record of vehicle routes, bread crumbling, along with route analysis.
  • Compatibility - It is capable of working with a range of smart phones, PDAs, Notebooks, laptops, or tablet PCs.