Best Union Church in USA

Central Union Church can be considered on of the largest, United Church of Christ churches in Hawaii. Over the years, Central Union has made its facilities available to a wide range of community organ ... Read more

There is room for everyone at "The Union!" A fellowship of love is extended to everyone who makes their way to our worship facility. We would love to have you a part of God's family as ... Read more

In January 1916, the Rev. W.G. Mayfield, an evangelist minister with a small courageous band of Christians met in the residence of the late Deacon and Mrs. M.J. Lathom and daughter, Mattie Lee with Re ... Read more

Credit Union of Atlanta


( 7 reviews )

Atlanta, USA

At Credit Union of Atlanta, we approach things a little bit differently than the average bank. That's because as a credit union, our focus is not on profits or personal gains. Instead, we pour ou ... Read more

We are members of a traditional denomination, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. Although we have no regional or national administrative hierarchy, we have support officials at both level ... Read more

We are a diverse and open fellowship committed to Christ's exhortation to love God and our neighbors. We come from different backgrounds and faith experiences. But together we agree to support on ... Read more

Union Grove Christian Church, it's our desire to reach people for Christ, bringing hope, encouragement, and joy through Biblical preaching and teaching of God's Holy Word. It is also our hop ... Read more

Ten years ago an adventurous group of fifteen people formed Union Church, a missional community of University Presbyterian Church.

Union Church DC


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Washington DC, USA

Union Church is a Christian church within the Baptist tradition. The most central statement of our belief is the Nicene Creed. We also generally affirm two historic Baptist confessions.

In September 1891, Salt Springs Baptist Church and Oak Grove Baptist Church with representatives from Beulah Baptist Church met and organized a Baptist Church combining Salt Springs and Oak Grove memb ... Read more

We are glad you’re here and we hope that our website helps you learn about who we are, here at Union United Church of Christ. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events or on a Sunday m ... Read more

Located in the heart of Cupertino, Union Church has been serving the Christian community since 1884. We honor and celebrate traditions of our faith and live in openness to the movement of the Spirit o ... Read more

Our church began life as two congregations, a Dutch Reformed Church and a Presbyterian Church. Both churches laid their cornerstones in 1896. The Dutch Reformed Church, also known as Bay Ridge Reforme ... Read more

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