Top 10 Point of Sale Software: Ratings and Reviews

Here is the list of top 10 Point of Sale software in the world. You can choose any one of them to manage your inventory, sales, retail and online programs.

What is a Point of sale software?

Point of Sale or POS is applicable for the retailers and it is defined as the place where the retail transaction takes place. The POS system comprises a computer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, printer for receipt and suitable POS software. The integrated software to the POS system enables you to analyze the complete sales data and make you figure out the purchasing level of each item. Alongside, it helps in maintaining the sales history, while improvising the pricing accuracy in a store. Integrated with plenty of aspects, the POS software are easy-to-use and shows a user-friendly graphical interface. In addition, it supports various tax rates for the retailers. If you are searching for optimal POS system, then select the best performing system. But how? How can we figure out which company is offering best product? We will help you with this difficult task.

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Why do we need a Point of Sale software?

  • It helps you to maintain your bottom line figures and you’ll more than likely see a return within months.
  • It can track and evaluate a product’s lifecycle from purchase to the sale to a customer.
  • A POS software can enter your sales information straight into your inventory. You need not double-check for inconsistencies between the sales you made and what you have in stock.


  • The software is easy to learn and you do not have to undergo any special training
  • It can handle any combination of discounts, taxes, returns, credits and sale specials in one easy transaction.


  • Applies automatic discounts to special customers.
  • Helps your employees to practice suggestion selling and tracks their sales commissions.