Sales Pipeline Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides a ranking to the top 10 sales pipeline software across the world. The best sales tracking software enables sales managers or representatives to track, manage and distribute all sales opportunities.

Sales pipeline software is part of the CRM software that enables the sales representative or the sales manager to track the individual sales opportunities, manage them and process the distribution of all opportunities. It commonly includes deal probability calculation, opportunity prioritisation logic, pipeline visualisation features, a drag and drop interface, and "next steps" recommendations, calendaring, task reminders, and a mobile app.


  • Simplified workflow:- Timeline view and drag and drop interfaces are simpler and more intuitive than spreadsheets or tables.
  • Accurate sales forecasts:- An organised sales pipeline helps keep sales forecasting consistent, based on consistent opportunity scoring and calculation of deal confidence levels throughout the pipeline.
  • Deal prioritization:- The visual layout makes it easier for salespeople to envision their set of deals in relation to one another, and prioritise their time and attention accordingly.


  • Timeline view:- Sales pipeline can be viewed as a timeline of stages, for visualising individual opportunities or aggregate opportunities.
  • Opportunity import/creation:- Opportunities can be added to the sales pipeline via import from CRM or created new within the tool. Maybe setup to import opportunities automatically, triggered by some action or change to the CRM record.
  • Append to opportunities in the pipeline:- Users can attach records, tasks, meetings, etc. to opportunities in the pipeline.