Sales Incentive Compensation Management Software Reviews

Explore the top 10 sales incentive compensation management software on virtuous reviews so as to improve sales by using the best sales compensation software.

Incentive compensation management (ICM) involves designing, implementing, and optimizing a strategic plan around sales commissions and incentives. The goal of ICM is to improve sales performance by keeping salespeople motivated while keeping incentive schemes within a margin theoretically, this allows the organisation to maximise revenue.


  • Sales compensation plan creation:- Easy for Sales to create incentive compensation plans without IT assistance.
  • Complex sales crediting:- Users can set up complex crediting chains to attribute credit for sales to multiple tiers of employees and/or partners.
  • Sales compensation process automation:- Automates processes related to sales compensation, like incentive and quota plans, approvals, dispute resolution, payroll processing, etc.
  • Incentive auditing/regulation compliance:- Internal workflow and tracking elements create an audit trail and help ensure regulatory compliance.


  • Less-time consuming
  • Error-prone accounting practices
  • Better visibility