Sales Gamification Software Reviews

Explore the top 10 sales gamification software listed on Virtuous Reviews in order to motivate salespeople to sell more within a given time frame. The best sales gamification methods should be used to accomplish the certain objectives.

Sales gamification software also called sales competition or sales contest software, allows sales managers to monitor and influence sales performance through competitions, games, and competitive rankings displays. The aim is to motivate salespeople to sell more within a given time frame. Often the competition centres on a particular product or selling to a particular type of customer, depending on the organisation’s goals and KPIs.


  • Custom sales contests:- System administrators and/or players can design customised sales competitions, with different challenges, types of rewards, etc., depending on company culture, goals, and KPIs.
  • Team competitions:- Enables contests involving groups of employees playing against one another, rather than one-on-one competitions or every rep for themselves (as with a leaderboard).
  • Multiple competitions:- Allows for multiple competitions of different types to be going on simultaneously; this kind of complexity is especially important for enterprises.


  • Amp up the competition:- Salespeople are competitive by nature. Running contests via gamification apps allows sales managers to tap into their reps' ambitious side.
  • Encourage Collaborations:-  The sales landscape has changed. More sales reps work remotely than ever before, leaving them devoid of collaborative company spirit.
  • Open Mentorship:- Stemming from the collaborative element of gamification is the opportunity it creates for increased employee dialogue regarding challenges and best practices.