Sales Forecasting Software Reviews

Virtuous reviews bring forth the list of top 10 sales forecasting software to enable users to determine future sales using the best business budgeting software.

Sales forecasting is management's primary tool for predicting the volume of attainable sales. The sales forecast is a prediction of a business's unit and dollars sales for some future period of time, up to several years or more. These forecasts are generally based primarily on recent sales trends, competitive developments, and economic trends in the industry, region, and/or nation in which the organisation conducts business. Sales forecasting software includes sales forecast templates, also called sales projection templates. These templates are setup to run statistical analyses on imported data and produce pre-designed sales forecast reports.


  • Paint a clear picture of what cash flow will look like in a couple of months.
  • Predict which deals will succeed and which ones will need help.
  • Take immediate action to course correct and ensure sales goals are met.


  • Sales forecasting will allow you to have better control of your inventory.
  • It allows you to spot trends for your individual customers based on buying patterns.
  • Salespeople can use sales forecasting as a planning tool to maximise commissions and bonuses.