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The piano is a keyboard musical instrument that produces sound by hammering wire strings attached to the set. The hammer is under the cover of the keyboard which produces sound when stuck. There are total 88 keys covering all the seven full octaves of music along with few more. Traditional pianos were made of wooden frame and can be lightly strung but the modern pianos are made of cast iron, hence the sound produced in these instruments is loud and clear. The piano is an essentially used instrument in western music and now in Indian music as well. The soothing sound, the broad spectrum makes it just the ideal instrument for any musical gathering or forming compositions. Since the piano is in existence from many years, it has seen significant changes as well. There are many kind of pianos which are available in today’s time. They are a grand piano, upright or vertical piano, specialized, digital piano etc. Each has its own magic and sound type. If you are looking forward to buying piano then jump on VirtuousReviews. We enlist the top piano dealers services to ensure that you can buy your instrument from the most genuine and professional instrument dealers.

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