Top 10 Survey Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the top 10 Survey Software all over the world. These are the best poll software which offers a platform to review the gathered data  and develop a better strategic plan.

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(20 reviews)
Snap Surveys
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(4 reviews)
SurveySparrow Inc
Contact: 8004810410



(0 reviews)
SurveyMonkey Software
Contact: 6505438400



(0 reviews)
RotatorSurvey Software
Contact: 058212573467



(0 reviews)



(0 reviews)
Contact: 8006096480



(0 reviews)
Contact: 8007226876



(0 reviews)
Sawtooth Survey Software
Contact: 8014774700



(0 reviews)
Zarca Interactive, Inc.
Contact: 7035429550



(0 reviews)

Survey is a definite way to collect feedback about your business and products. Employees are the asset of the company and customer is the king already. So it is very critical for any business to keep both of them happy. While happiness cannot be measured, it can surely be surveyed! Virtuous Reviews has collected the top survey software to help strategic team in deploying a better game plan.

Every survey tool consists of two parts- one is database to store the data collected and second is the analyser to reach to the conclusion. Depending on the volume of targeted audience and functions that these software perform, the cost varies. Some are free, while others are paid, but that too not very expensive. The distribution can be done through email of registered customers, but nowadays, paid surveys are popular too- where a group of target audience is surveyed and paid goodies or money in return. The survey can be used with automation tool for managing alerts for response, follow up emails, customer feedback, etc.

All the software are absolutely safe and there is no risk of business or customer data leak. Additionally, no technical knowledge is required. So, download the software and get started.

What does Survey software do?

Survey software allocate users to easily make online surveys, quiz, polls, and other web forms which are then distributed to users to carry out market research or to get feedback and opinions. Survey software gives an insight into what applicant think of events or projects. Surveys could either be pop-ups on the site or be sent out as emails.
To qualify for enclosure in the Survey group, an item should:

  • Enable the creation and customization of questions.
  • Collect, report, and archive response data
  • Make it sharable and distributable


  • Generate any type of online survey with an easy-to-use as well as professional survey editor.
  • Look at your results in real-time while they come in. Make filters to explore your data and information to share it
  • E-mail the survey link to audience or make use of it in a banner on website to gather responses anywhere


  • Cheaper - Online questionnaires decrease research costs. Furthermore, responses are processed automatically and the outcome is accessible at any time.
  • Accuracy - The scope of error is appreciably reduced with online surveys since participants enter their reply directly into the system.
  • Quick to analyze - You can view results in real-time so that you can act quickly, generate graphs for reporting and export data for additional analysis
  • Flexible - The order of the questions can be altered, or questions can be pass over altogether, depending upon the answer to a preceding question