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MyMathsHero is Nigeria’s largest selection of mathematics lessons with about 2,400 video lessons and 8,000+ maths quizzes. Get access to a full 1 term, 2 terms, or 1 session of math scheme of work. Stream video lessons, practice exam questions, take quizzes without data & interact with like-minds. Below are some of our key features. 1. Unlimited practices: our mathematics learning platform is designed to allow users to learn mathematics online, covering any topic as many times as possible until they develop a mastery of the concept. 2. Interactive environment: our user-friendly interface and interactive instructors ensure that students can learn in a non-threatening environment. 3. Minimal Data Usage: our platform deploys a cutting-edge technology that ensures that users minimize data when streaming any lesson. While streaming the lessons, the platform automatically backs the streamed content online for offline uses. This means that a user doesn’t require data to practice any lesson after first use. 4. Unlimited content: MyMathsHero is the largest selection of senior secondary school mathematics lessons in Nigeria. With over 2,400 mathematics video lessons covering all the mathematics topics in a senior secondary school in Nigeria, a user can select and learn any math topics that interest him/her. 5. Quizzes: quizzes are added at the end of each lesson to test a student’s competence in real-time as they learn. At the end of each quiz, the platform grades the students to submit a copy of the score to us for scholarship purposes and give the student the option to check the correct answers and workings. A student can take a quiz an unlimited number of times. 6. Scholarship: Active users who consistently pass their quizzes at the end of each lesson stand a chance to qualify for the MathHero Scholarship.

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