Sales Email Tools Reviews

Explore the list of top 10 sales email tools on Virtuous Reviews website. The best sales prospecting tools enables the user to add the provider’s name to the email address to any email they want to track, routeing the email through the provider’s server.

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Sales email tracking tools are used to provide information to the sender about when and where and when an email is opened, how many times it is opened, on what type of device, etc. Basic tools track individual emails and alert users when an email is opened. More advanced tools integrate with users’ customer relationship management systems and allow users to automate follow-up messages and schedule emails to send later.


  • Basic sales email tracking metrics provides accurate tracking for opens, reads, clickthroughs, etc.
  • Sales email engagement tracking enables users to track sales email content engagement at a more granular level, such as how long readers spend looking at attachments or particular slides in presentations.
  • Email templates allow users to set up and customize reusable email templates.


  • It gives direct insight into a prospective customer’s particular areas of interest and at what point the prospect might be in the sales cycle.
  • Determines how well the email messages are being received.
  • Determines if the content can somehow be more effective.