Sales Performance Management Software Reviews

The top 10 sales performance management software are ranked and reviewed by Virtuous Reviews. The best sales performance software is used to evaluate employee’s performance and to determine the percentage of sales driven by them.

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We believe we best serve our customers by being a financial service industry dedicated. We believe the sales force is the most powerful performance level available to financial services firms.

Sales performance management software (SPM) is the practice of applying performance management tools to the sales team and determining how to best encourage the kinds of behaviours to drive maximum sales. The goal of SPM is to educate and motivate salespeople to set goals and satisfy customers. Sales performance management software provides a mechanism for monitoring and guiding sales reps in ways that improve their ability to sell, by linking performance and revenue analytics. These tools allow sales managers to monitor, understand, and make changes to sales processes that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of sales reps, based on sales KPIs.


  • It manages the most complex calculations and formulas with flexibility and ease.
  • The reporting tools and dashboards provide real-time visibility to reps and management in order to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Access powerful analytics and modelling tools to evaluate the performance of your incentive compensation programs.


  • Bring visibility and understanding to incentive performance with dashboards and commission statements.
  • Test payouts under various performance scenarios to understand their financial impact before they affect your bottom line.
  • Bring the power of incentives to every sales reps’ mobile device. Drive sales performance from anywhere, at any time.