Best Special Events Photographers in USA

Embrace Life Photography

Embrace Life Photography creates images that promote modern aesthetics while avoiding the over-stylized trends that often prematurely date wedding and portrait photographs.

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(3 reviews)
Bouchet Images

Why am I a photographer at Bouchet Images? Because I love the creative and technical aspects, I enjoy working with my wife (/assistant/VP of social media) and we sincerely enjoy working with our clien ... Read more

Contact: 9793419332



(4 reviews)
The Kidographer

The Kidographer is a baby, kids, family and event portrait studio offering modern, creative & cinematic photography. We offer a variety of different packages: seasonal mini shoots, full kids or fa ... Read more

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(4 reviews)
Dale McDonald Photographer

My name is Dale McDonald and I am a Professional Photographer located in Cleveland Ohio. I am a self taught, highly motivated and enthused photographer that not only loves to learn new techniques but ... Read more

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(5 reviews)
Chicago Commercial Photography

We understand your business photography needs. We are a business-to-business photography company. We concentrate our skills and resources the needs of businesses that include architectural photography ... Read more

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(1 reviews)
Boston Photography Workshops

Lakeside Digital Photography provides quality and professional service to their customers. Starting with one free lance photographer covering local weddings and cotillions we have grown into a company ... Read more

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(0 reviews)
Pixel Studio Productions

With years of experience in the photo and video industry, Pixel Studio Productions is recognized as a leading photographer and videographer in the greater Houston area. We strive for a cinematic and s ... Read more

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(10 reviews)
Cass Studios

What we do is assist entertainment productions, business's and individuals in creating professional visual and motion imagery & video that represents a brand, an idea, a story to communicate ... Read more

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(4 reviews)
USA Sports Photography

USA Sports Photography specializes in youth sports photography and special events photography. Since 1987 we have provided professional youth sports photography services to schools, leagues, teams, an ... Read more

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(0 reviews)
Chicago Event Photography

I am a full-time professional photographer and videographer that lives and works in Chicago, IL. I specialize in event photography but I do other work as well. My main website is David Ditzler Photogr ... Read more

Contact: 7737443630



(2 reviews)
Belletti Photography

She specializes in weddings, corporate events, family portraits, corporate head shots and real estate photography.In addition, she supports a number of charity & nonprofit events throughout the ye ... Read more

Contact: 4047915503



(6 reviews)
Heartland Weddings & Event Photography

Thank you for taking the time to visit Heartland Weddings and learn more about everything we have to offer you. Heartland is a family of visual artists with over three decades of experience in photogr ... Read more

Contact: 8162246161



(11 reviews)
Las Vegas Event Photography

Las Vegas Event Photography, LLC has become a leader in providing world-class business event and architectural photography in the greater Las Vegas metro market, around the country and beyond.

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(10 reviews)
Houston Event Photography

Houston Event Photography was founded in 1978 by Scott Wilson. Originally we operated a portrait,wedding, and commercial photography studio in Lake Jackson, Texas as Scott Wilson Photography.

Contact: 8322508897



(10 reviews)
J Amado Photography

Hello! We are a two person team of photographers in Denver Colorado and we offer professional on location portrait and wedding photography services.

Contact: 7203818077



(11 reviews)

Know the best Special Events Photographers in your country USA online. We at VirtuousReviews have made a list of the top Special Events Photographers.

Special Events Photographers are famous for their work in the events as they are the masters of the lights and cameras, they manipulate the lights in order to make the best use of cameras and to click the mesmerizing pictures.

The work of a photographer must be impeccable in this belief we have compiled that list because we know what photos can do, they can make anything look flawless which may not be actually but they can also make wonders out of trash just with the proper click of the camera. Photos are like timelines, they are the medium to travel time, you can go and sway in past by just taking a glimpse of the photo.

There are certain things that are to be considered before picking any photographer. Things like you should be comfortable with the photographer so that the time that photographer will instruct you it will not be awkward for either of you. Do not compromise in terms of money, spend money on photographers, they are the only people at the end you will see after everything will be done.

Heed through the portfolio of the photographer, do not select the photographer on recommendation, it is about your work so do what is right not what is instructed.

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