Sales Dialer Software Reviews

Get the top 10 sales dialer software listed on Virtuous Reviews in order to automate the process of calling a list of contacts. It is the best predictive dialer that aims at processing maximum efficiency.

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Sales dialers focus on outbound calling and contact/lead management, whereas call centre software, though it may include dialer functionality, has a bigger focus on inbound call routeing and may have features around support tickets or customer satisfaction surveys. Automatic dialers, which includes software and hardware components, are a type of sales acceleration technology. These software replace the manual dialling of phone numbers for the sake of efficiency and accuracy and are operated by the salespeople making the calls.


  • Calls can be dialled on single, double and triple lines simultaneously.
  • Users can view information about the contact they’re calling; aggregated contact information pops-up to provide context for the sales call.
  • Users can schedule/automate follow-up calls for recipients who did not answer, or who indicated that a follow-up call was necessary.


  • It can intelligently assign calls to available agents.
  • This technology can help to blend calls in a call centre which deals with both outbound sales and inbound customer service.
  • It helps to improve the efficiency of each agent working in a team.